Who are we

My name is Matthew Caine. I’ve been working in I.T. since 1987 at places such as Logica, SwissRe and Avaloq in places such as London, Berlin and of course Zurich. In 2012 I decided to create my own business focusing on Agile and Lean knowledge-working practices. I did this because whilst at Infonic (a niche software vendor) I saw the difference that these approaches had on people.

Indeed I’ve also realise that some people think Agility is all about a process or a method. It is not. It is about PEOPLE and RESULTS.

Recently, Eric once told his manager: “I need to tell you ‘Thank you’, but it is not from me, it is from my wife”. He was going home happier and more content and it clearly had a positive affect on his private life.

So we love turning organisations that are classic command-and-control hierarchical & matrix driven into real Agile organisations.

Our key specialty is that we are the only Agile specialists in Switzerland with quantified real-life experience in DSDM, SAFe, Kanban & Scrum yet we use our international network of great people to help deliver what the client wants, always putting the client first.
We are also:

– Co-founders of the Swiss Agile Leaders Circle
– Creators of the Agile Academy Switzerland
– Core team members of the SwissICT’s “Lean, Agile, Scrum” team