What We Do

We Embed Experienced Agile Experts into your Teams


We help your existing experts, such as architects, by embedding Agile experts with them and taking delivery responsibility. This is more than coaching. This enables so-called cross-pollination and really accelerates the level of understanding and ability of the teams because they see how experienced Agilists collaborate and how they work. Read more about this here


1) We Make Sure Management Understand the Impact of 'going' Agile ...


Becoming Agile is not easy. It needs to be managed. Management need to be made aware of this. Lack of understanding and support by management are major barriers to successful Agile adoption. Therefore, management need to understand the impact and appreciate both the technical and cultural changes.Ultimately, do management truly understand their ‘new’ place and their ‘new’ responsibilities to the Agile teams?

We help management remove the cloud so that they can see what is really happening.


2) We Support you Adopt the Correct Agile Methods in the Correct Way ...


There is more to Agile than Scrum. There are a number of methods and depending on your environment and the benefitsyou want to achieve it may be necessary to look at others and mix and match your tools where necessary. There may also be a need to maintain and support existing systems, for which Scrum is not the best solution.Once we know what tools are needed, there remains one question: How are they rolled out?

We help you define the correct rollout for your organization based on the correct tools.

3) We Advise your Agile Project Managers ...


In large project-driven corporate environments, many project managers and senior executives are nervous of Agile methods such as Scrum as it has no concept of a project. So, how is the gap between the needs of those paying & managing the work and those delivering it going to be closed?Not only that, what governance practices have been proven to help in a large-scale Agile environment?

We help you keep on top of your projects and their cost and risks whilst still allowing the project to be Agile and to deliver as quickly as possible.

4) We Review Existing Agile Practices ...

What-we-do---DentistAfter a period of time and certainly after the initial push to adopt Agile practices, old practices may be creeping back in or there may be issues with high-level planning or even clients no longer getting involved for one reason or another.In other words, decay can start to creep in yet this is hard to spot without professional help.

Just like a visit to the dentist, we help to spot the issues early before it is too late, it may be painful to have that frequent check-up, but we all know it is worth it.

5) We Help your Clients Understand Agile Benefits ...


I.T. vendors and suppliers of applications such as E-Commerce internet platforms and software product companies are often approached by organizations that are not familiar with the benefits of Agile approaches. In such circumstances, conversations are needed not only about the work-to-be-done but also about being Agile.  Yet if the role of the client is not understood by the client, how will the project ever be a success?

We remove the puzzle by helping your clients understand the benefits from a neutral perspective and advise them on how they should work with you.

6) We Coach your Coaches & ScrumMasters ...

What-we-do---Reality-CheckTraining is a drop. Experience is the ocean. Most organizations have less that 2 years of experience in Agile practices most probably all based on one or two individuals having attended a two-day ScrumMaster course.How are your ScrumMasters really <em>performing</em>? How are the Planning, Review and Retrospectives working?

We spend time with your ScrumMasters so that they understand their role better so that they can really challenge the status-quo and perform their own reality-check.

7) We Provide a Full Program of Agile Courses ...


Our Academy offers courses for all levels: For Agile Line Managers and executives, Agile Project Managers, Methods and for the soft-skills that Agile teams need, which often goes overlooked.Our courses are available for entire teams or individually, privately or publicly.

You get the very best facilities and trainers of exceptional quality and experience – some of our trainers have over 18 years of Agile experience and have won awards such as Best UK Agile Coach.

8) We Advise you on how to Measure the Agile Impact ...

What-we-do---MeasuringMost Agile teams rely solely on Burn-Down charts to measure success. However, when taking an holistic view, Agile practices claim many benefits such as On-Time, In-Scope, In-Budget all with high quality. Not only that, but the teams should also be working with higher motivation and engagement as they are now truly empowered and high-performing.Yet questions remains: What should be measured, how frequently and how it is done?

We spend time with your people to identify what is important and to look at what is acceptable and realistic in terms of measuring success.