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Email Newsletter & Announcement Archive

Icon-Image-of-Newsletter2012 12 10/N: A Marvellous Year

2012 09 15/A: Agile Academy Switzerland launch

2012 07 24/N: Create Your Own Motivation Today

2012 05 29/N: Agile Project Governance & Documentation

2012 03 27/A: First Swiss Agile Proj-Man & DSDM Atern Community Event

2012 03 14/N: Thank you for ****ing everything up!

2012 02 07/N: Slow Time-to-Market

2012 01 10/N: Reducing Avaloq TCO with Agile Techniques

2011 12 01/N: The New Academy is Open

2011 11 01/N: Disciplining Your Agile World – in Netzwoche

2011 10 19/A: Disciplining Your Agile World: Three Early Morning Talks

2011 10 04/N: The Story of the Lady at the Hairdressing Salon