Agile Leadership Day 2014

2014 Sep 23: Come and experience the “Opinion Battle” at this year’s Agile Leadership Day on Wed 5th November As a light-hearted end-of-the-day session, we’ll be taking part in the “Opinion Battle: May the better win: SAFe, Agile Scaling Cycle & SCALED principles,...

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The Agile Coach Camp Switzerland 2014

2014 Feb 23: The Agile Coach Camp Switzerland is an Open Space conference of agile coaches, from the participants for the participants. Please join us! Do you have a technique or practice worth sharing with your peers? Or an idea you’d like to test out with some...

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Pay What You Want – You Decide the Price

2013 April 9: Certainly no April-fool’s joke yet probably unheard of in the Training-World: Delegates that attend the “1⁄2-Day Introduction Agile” in Zurich decide the price they want to pay, but only after the course. It is completely free for the individual to...

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Swiss Agile Leaders Circle

2013 April 4: How do managers make their organisation more flexible, without losing control? Well, this is a key question and because every organisation is different the question requires diverse input from individuals who can call-upon their many years of experience....

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