Infonic AG

Infonic AG, a Swiss-International niche supplier of software to leading alternative investment institutions, needed to improve its delivery capability to fulfil commitments and remain ahead of the competition whilst always keeping on top of and maintaining quality.

After deciding to move away from traditional-waterfall development to agile and culturally aligning the organisation to support it, Infonic experienced within 12 months of adopting DSDM Atern, for their core product development, the following quantified and proven improvements.


Quantified Results

Within 12-18 months of adopting DSDM Atern the company experienced the following results:

  • 40% more teamwork
  • 40% more quality
  • 40% more fun
  • 50% more innovation
  • 75% less critical UAT issues
  • 90% sales preference vs competition
  • 100% satisfied clients


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