Zurich 15th December 2015: A long-term client recently told us about a visit they had from McKinsey, the consultants. This is what Krzysztof K from the Krakow Poland office had to this say:


“During our workshops with McKinsey consultants, they asked each team member to pick 3 pictures describing our work. One of my colleagues had chosen a picture with smiling Snoopy going somewhere. He said that he picked the picture because he was happy and energized every day while going to work, because he likes the team and the project. In the summary of the workshops the McKinsey consultants wrote ‘that they have not met so happy people and people never used such positive images to describe how they feel about work’.”

After discussing this with the Head of Global Digital Communications, Zurich, Niklas K had this to say:

“This is a direct result of Matthew’s work with us here in Zurich and the teams in Poland.”

If you are interested to know more, we are only too happy to put you in touch with Niklas. Let us know.