Agile Business Conference

Zurich, 4th May 2015: The 13th Agile Business Conference in London will be focusing on the Sustaining Agile in the Organisation.

An organisation that is truly Agile enjoys a huge advantage in being able to respond to market forces or changes in legislation or other external and internal challenges very quickly. Such an organisation can drive innovation and handle business transformation with greater ease. However, creating and embedding an Agile culture is fraught with difficulty.

The emphasis of this year’s conference will be on exploring how an organisation can sustain an Agile environment not only for their projects but through embracing an holistic Agile culture in the wider organisation to achieve their full potential. This will extend to their programmes and beyond to include, for example, those who influence corporate strategy within the private sector or the commissioning bodies within the public sector. The theme will be explored in a full two-day programme of presentations, workshops and interactive sessions.