Zurich, March 15th, 2015: This is the unconference for Agile coaches. From Thursday 7th to Saturday 9th May. The Agile Coach Camp Switzerland is a free open space conference inspired by the original Agile Coach Camp and consists of two days of highly collaborative, self-organized open space. It’s for everyone involved in coaching, training, mentoring and helping organizations become more effective. It is run as a non-profit, low-cost, community-organized event. Facilitation will be in English. The official hash tag is #agilecc_ch.


Agile Coach Camp 2015

The art of coaching teams toward excellence and productivity is tricky business. We often don’t have direct control over groups but have responsibilities to motivate team members who don’t report to us. Too often, as coaches, we work in isolation from other expert coaches in the field. This is our opportunity to share stories and practices and to wrestle with the direction in which this discipline is going, or should go.