“You are not in a good position. As a vendor, you have all our management attention. That cannot be good” warned the global head of IT during one of our dreaded steering committee meetings.

Just as we were all thinking that we needed to come up with a solution, and fast, he added “We need to change it. We need to become a partnership. Agile is the way”.

He then explained his vision: “I want three of your developers to sit at our offices. We will pay of course. They will have access to your core product, remotely. What you build for us, will go into your core product. We will supply two additional developers, testers and the business representatives”.

“They will work together using Scrum”. He went on, “Then after six months your guys go back to your offices and our guys work at your site.”

The result was a successful partnership built on Agile teamwork between a client and vendor. Where projects were delivered on-time, in scope and amazingly just under budget and the quality was not bad either!

In fact, one year later the global head of IT explained that he was not happy with the quality of the work, but he was “ecstatic!”

As such, the partnership was recognised in the UK and was a shortlisted finalist in at the 6th Real-IT Awards in the category of “Partnership”.

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