“Did you know that the current plan is delaying return on investment, unnecessarily?”

“Why is that” Paul asked alarmingly.

“Well, the plan adapts the SAP system, one market-place at a time. Only when ALL the markets are ready, is it switched on, big-bang.”

I continued, “Alternatively, we could go live in the largest market, with the most important products first. This will, according to a quick glance at the plan allow us to earn revenue after 1/3rd of the time, which will pay for the additional development.”

Paul could see the opportunity. Yet this highly beaurocratic, regulatory and compliance driven organisation still needed the ability to plan projects. Thus they adopted the DSDM Agile Project Management Framework.

DSDM also allowed them to avoid the hated human resources issue of what happens to a business analyst, project manager and a tester, let alone the PMO in an Agile environment.

Then, one day, Paul was looking sad. “You know, I have a project manager close to burn out. She is looking for a BA but cannot find one”.

“Who is her sponsor?”

“She has three: One in China, Zurich and California”.

“Does she have money?”


“Well, it is no wonder she cannot find a BA – I bet she cannot even get her three sponsors aligned. Until the sponsorship is clear, the project should be stopped”. DSDM provided the arguments to justify this decision.

The project was indeed stopped and only when sponsorship was agreed, with one clear sponsor was it restarted and the search for resources initiated based on solid DSDM Agile Project Management foundations.

The result was clear for all to see: The project manager was in control of her project, for the first time in six months.

Yet, how does Agile help with transparency? Read about that next

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