Stoos-Network-182x1821The Stoos Network was formed in January 2012, by 21 people from around the world that agreed that when we looked at the way organizations were being run, we were in a bit of a mess.  Ultimately, there has to be a better way.

Since then over 3’500+ people have joined the global movement.

The majority of members of the Stoos Network are Agilists from around the world. The reason for this is the recognition that motivation is far greater in Agile teams working in IT than elsewhere.

In other words, “IT geeks” from around the world have discovered something that could facilitate the change.

The challenge therefore, is to promote good practices that embrace the demands of workers of the 21st century in order to move away from fear-filled “command and control” work-places that are all too common today.

That was why 100+ “stoosians” met in Amsterdam to discuss how this could be done.

The Amsterdam Stampede July 6-7

100+ people from primarily Europe but also the US met to discuss various themes and topics. The main underlying theme was gaining a common understanding of what it was, we were trying to do.

Ideas were all well and good, yet we needed action on the ground.  This is where Local Satellites enter the picture.

The Local Satellites

In Zurich, we’ve been working regularly since early Spring to figure out how we promote a better way. We also recognized that Satellites are key as they provide a local forum for local people, that want to do things better, with the opportunity to meet local people that have done it better.

So, periodically we hold small events so that these people can come together and exchange experiences.

What are the Experiences?

In the earlier text we mentioned “Fear”. We know an individual who moved a department from one full of fear to one that trusted once again and could be trusted. The people then started to feel fulfilled and full of pride. The question everyone wants to know though is this: “How was this done?”

These are real case-studies and together with a portfolio of modern practices such as Agile the work place has to get better.

Yet is the Agile the Only Way?

There is one thing that must be explained: The Stoos Network is not just about Agile. It embraces all the modern practices that could make things better. It is an “umbrella movement”.

Some of these practices are already getting traction, some are still firmly embedded in academic theory. Yet, it is up to you to figure out what is best for you, and your organization.

As a sample, here is some further reading:

Radical Management
Spiral Dynamics
The Lean Startup
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Want to get involve?

The people working for the Stoos Zurich Satellite work on a purely voluntary basis. If you would like to know more, please contact us.

Want to start your own Satellite?

Satellites are starting around the globe. This page will show you were we know of active and planned Satellites.