Atern defines the roles and responsibilities in such a way that it easy to imagine how existing roles and positions would fit into an Atern project. The following diagram, known affectionately as the “Alien Baby” is the standard DSDM Atern diagram illustrating the three groups of roles.




Role Key Responsibilities
Business Sponsor Owns the business case. Ensures funding and resourcing. Guarantees effective decision-making and deals with escalations rapidly.
Project Manager Entry point for project governance.  High-level planning. Monitors progress, resource availability, project configuration, manages risk and escalated issues.
Business Visionary Owns the business vision and impact on wider business changes. Monitors progress against the vision.  Contributes to key requirements, design and review sessions.
Technical Coordinator Agrees and controls technical architecture. Advises and co-ordinates teams. Identifies and manages technical risk. Ensures non-functional requirements are met.
Role Key Responsibilities
Team Leader Focuses team to deliver on time.  Encourages full team participation. Manages detailed time box activities and day-to-day activities. Ensures testing and review activities are scheduled and completed.
Business Ambassador Contributes to all requirements, design and review sessions.  Provides the business view for all day-to-day decision making. Describes business scenarios to help design and test the solution. Provides assurance that the solution is correct. Coordinates business acceptance.
Solution Developer Creates the solution and participates fully in all appropriate QA activities.
Solution Tester Works with business roles to define test scenarios for the solution.  Carries out full technical testing reporting results to the Team Leader and Technical Coordinator.
Business Analyst Supports communication between business and technical members of the team. Manages all required products related to business requirements. Ensures business implications of day-to-day decisions are properly thought through.
Business Advisor Provides specialist input, for example an accountant or a tax advisor.  Usually an intended user of the solution.
Role Key Responsibilities
Atern Coach Helps teams new to Atern teams get the most out of Atern.  Tailors Atern for the needs of the project.  Not all aspects are needed all the time!
Workshop Facilitator Manages and organizes workshops.  Responsible for the context not the content.  Independent.
Other Specialists Experts required on a short-term basis, possibly technical e.g. Load-Test specialists etc.

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