Deliverables are associated with each phase of the lifecycle. These are referred to as products. Not all products are required for every project and the formality will vary according to the project and organisation. Influencing factors could be contractual relationships and corporate standards.

Some products are specific to a particular phase in the lifecycle, others may continue to evolve through subsequent phases.

The basic flow of products through the lifecycle is shown below. For instance, the Feasibility Assessment enhanced with Business Foundations and the Prioritised Requirements List (PRL). Similarly, the Outline Plan is refined into the Delivery Plan for the project which in turn the teams refine to create the individual Timebox Plans and the Deployment Plan for an increment.


Atern allows the project to decide for itself  how the products are built or what they should look like,  allowing products to be tailored to most environments.  Indeed, some environments will require all products and others only the PRL and Evolving Solution (similar to Scrum).


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