Managers like to think that they can influence motivation: If it can be raised then energy levels raise, enjoyment and fun with it and through that they can attract talent (law of attraction). Like Teamwork, plenty has been written on motivation and the psychology behind it.

In the IT world there are some demotivators, including

  • Working on products nobody really wants
  • Working in maintenance for months
  • Management changing team structure
  • Management interrupting the flow of work and asking the team to change what they are working on
  • Not being involved in new product development
  • Having to work with colleagues that don’t deliver

From a day-to-day perspective, a lack of motivation can be seen in further drop of quality, body langauge, lack of engagement, no commitment, poor teamwork, blaming etc.  Ultimately however, it will affect private lives as people become unhappy due to lack of contribution.

Ultimately, if motivation is left unattended, talent will leave, time-to-market will worsen and the client will start to feel uncared for.  It soon becomes an issue for the company as a whole.

How Can Agile Help?

Agile methodologies help motivation by:

  1. Improving the quality of the software thus raising pride whilst reducing maintenance needs.
  2. Putting responsibility for delivery firmly onto the teams, they will want to deliver!
  3. Bringing the client closer and more frequently into contact with the teams, letting the teams see directly what benefits the features bring to the client.
  4. Allowing the teams to get things done, frequently and see delight in the client.
Do you See or Feel this in your work?

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