Let someone decide for themselves how work should be done, provide the freedom to do it and let them publicly commit to peers then we have full responsibility, accountability and commitment.
If we give someone just responsibility but without accountability, what happens?  Probably a  good effort yet not much more. There is no consequence for failure.

Worse, if a manager tells someone how they are going to work and then take the glory when it gets done but stand to one side when it fails then that manager should not survive long (they do of course, we’ve all met them).

Ultimately, if there is no commitment, no peer-checks on progress then there cannot be reasonable expectations of the outcome.

How Can Agile Help?

Agile methodologies help improve commitment by:

  1. Making the team take responsibility and accountability for delivery, keeping to commitments.
  2. Requiring the team to hold frequent, open assessments of work done and improvements to be made, to feel peer pressure.
  3. Having short realistic timeframes in which individual commitments can be internally visualised and committed too.
Do you See or Feel this in your work?

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