The client, whether internal or external, is being driven by market demands.  The sooner they can meet those demands or take advantage of an opportunity in the market the better it is for all.

This means that the client will need to have the software and systems quickly, in order to support their initiative when they need it.

If the vendor or internal teams are therefore, constantly firefighting, fixing defects, working on long-term projects or releases > 1 year, whilst still have a backlog of previous commitments or are not flexible enough to change scope, the opportunity cannot be taken early.  The Time-to-Market for new initiatives will be poor [up to 2 or more years has been observed.]

From a day-to-day perspective, if teams have to frequently drop what they are doing to address new needs then they do not get a feeling of getting things done and they become demotivated, always wondering when the new idea will get replaced.

Ultimately, if Time-to-Market is not good, profitability will not be maximised, competition will start to edge into the business and the client will start to become unhappy.

How Can Agile Help?

Agile methodologies help improve Time-to-Market by:

  1. Providing a framework in which new initiatives can be started quickly yet work also gets “done”.
  2. Bringing the client closer and more frequently into contact with the teams, raising the feeling of urgency.
  3. Delivering working software frequently therefore,  allowing the client to use software earlier.
  4. Delivering on time, according to the fixed plan thus constantly improving trust in delivery capabilities.
Do you See or Feel this in your work?

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