Innovation is a key to long term survival.  It can be new products or new ways of doing things, such as providing a new service. It is fundamental to maintaining and growing market share.

When people, staff and management alike, start to see that new products are being created that old problems are being eradicated, there is a significant uplift in energy and pride:  A feeling of belonging to something great.

If innovation is not possible or difficult, then the benefits listed above cannot be realised.  Disappointment will arise from high expectations being set and then not being met.

There are plenty of reasons why innovation is not possible or fails.  One of the main reasons for failing to innovate is when the company starts to “look” inwards rather than outwards to its market, clients and prospects. From an IT perspective failing to innovate can be due to resources being allocated elsewhere, usually due to poor qualitypoor teamwork or no commitment.

From a day-to-day perspective, people in the IT industry are in it because they want to create and build something new. Yet if they are constantly fixing things and cannot create then motivation and self-fulfillment will fall very quickly.  Just ask developers who have been on maintenance tasks for 3+ months.

Ultimately, if the company fails to excite its clients or create a new market or take advantage of an opportunity then eventually clients will move on and the competition will put the company out of business.

How Can Agile Help?

Agile methodologies help innovation by:

  1. Providing the firm foundations of quality software on which to base the innovation.
  2. Promoting great teamwork which allows innovation to occur in a secure safe environment of trust.
  3. Bringing the client closer and more frequently into contact with the teams, to exchange ideas.
Do you See or Feel this in your work?

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