All activities and functions in a business can be attributed to one of three  profiles:

  1. Admin or “business support” which is pure cost
  2. Daily business operations which is concerned with cash flow
  3. Business management which is geared towards future company profit and equity growth

In fact, letting senior and middle management work on future growth (e.g. investment, optimisation, partnerships) is what motivates them as individuals: They want to influence, for the better, the company’s direction and profitability.

If management are therefore, constantly firefighting and just “keeping above water”, when do they actually get time to think about, let alone action, activities driving future company profit and equity growth?

From a day-to-day perspective, firefighting status meetings are often scheduled before the start of the day, during lunch or after the close of business.  This eats into everybody’s private lives.

Ultimately, if management are firefighting, usually due to poor quality software and services, then this is a sure sign that the company’s long-term future is in jeopardy.

How Can Agile Help?

Agile methodologies help relieve management from firefighting by:

  1. Improving the quality of the software thus reducing the need to track defect resolution status.
  2. Putting responsibility for delivery firmly onto the teams, freeing management from “command and control”.
  3. Bringing the client closer and more frequently into contact with the teams, raising trust.
  4. Having the fixed delivery schedule known in advance thus providing a heartbeat rhythm / pace-setter for the project against which all parties can organise themselves.
Do you See or Feel this in your work?

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