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Scaling Agile?

Are you familiar with the term “Agile Release Train?” Then you have clearly been looking at or looking into the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe). If so, have a look at some of our key lessons-learned in our “SAFe Stories” feature.


Agile Tales?

In our years on the Agile scene we’ve a few experiences to share and the best stories always involve real people. Take a moment to read more about them our “Agile Stories” feature.


Still Firefighting?

Do you and your team still have to run from fire to fire? This is just one symptom that we can all see and feel and where Agile help us. Discover more in our “See & Feel” feature.



Our work is serious. But we all need a bit of fun too and we certainly did making these Agile quizzes. So, go on, have a go and have some fun!

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Sometimes we Forget the Basics

88 Answers to 13 Questions

Sometimes, in our daily lives, we forget why we do things. In this PDF you will find 88 reminders of why we do 13 Agile things.

Recent Blogs

Periodically we will write about our experiences in our Blogs. Please feel free to browse and leave comments. We’d love to get your feedback.


How to Get Your Business Learning and Agile Right Now

I love the expressions ‘willingness to learn’ and ‘ability to learn’. But, they are not the same: I’ve come across some wonderful people who are very willing but who, in their present situations, are actually unable to learn. I always wondered why they were unable,...

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Don’t Force Agile on All Projects

Should we do all our projects using Agile? Or rather, which projects do Agile approaches suit best, and which do traditional approaches suit best? Still, the question should really be, ‘What makes sense?’ This is despite the fact that some organisations will go the...

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Recent News

We’ll often come across an Agile event or a bit of really interesting news which we will share with you here.


DSDM & UX Design

Zurich 24th November 2015: The DSDM Consortium together with the Open University and University of Central Lancashire published a research paper on the challenges of incorporating UX into an Agile environment.

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